Vote for "Liberal Dan" for OPDEC District C

Are you as frustrated as I am at the recent losses of the Democratic Party? Are you annoyed at so-called “Democrats” who supported Republicans for leadership positions in the state legislature (even though we controled the legislature)*? Do you want to bring fresh and new ideas to the party?

My name is Daniel Zimmerman. I have been a Democrat all my life and I am disappointed at the direction the Louisiana Democratic Party has taken in recent years. In my two years of service on the Jefferson Parish Democratic Executive Committee, I saw the problems that we face as a party in a growing conservative area. There are many reasons why we are failing as a party to sell ourselves to the Louisiana voter. We lack the support structure for candidates to be successful and the party just gives up in areas where Republicans are dominant. In my opinion, we should always put up a fight in ever district possible. Why? Because the Democratic Party stands up for the common person and we should be fighting for everyone, regardless of where they live. We also have some Democrats who are happy with their status quo and are only worried about not losing their power to the detriment of the rest of the party. These Democrats need to be replaced with candidates who will support the growth of the Democratic Party.

If you are as frustrated as I am, then please vote for me on March 24th for the District C seat on the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee (OPDEC). Let's fix the problem together.

If you want to help rebuild our party, please email me. I am looking for people to knock on doors, make phone calls, or otherwise help out.

* See the JPDEC Statement page to view the statement I wrote as a member of the JPDEC regarding the endorsement of a Republican for House Speaker by certain Democrats.